A survey conducted by the Bustle of the 1,000 respondents of the millennial generation that women are still reluctant to discuss the financial situation.

The survey showed that 50 percent of respondents had never talked about the financial condition with her friends.

Meanwhile, 28 percent said they felt stressed every day because of financial problems.

In addition, the survey also revealed that almost millennial women have no savings in a safe amount.

“Everyone should have an emergency fund in the form of savings,” said Maggie Germano, a teacher certified for financial education.

The purpose of emergency savings, Germano said, is for protection when you are facing a crisis in life that need extra budget.

He said emergency savings have become so useful if you are facing layoffs (layoffs) or in the hospital.

Some experts also suggest that the amount of savings you can at least ensure the fulfillment of basic needs for three to 12 months.

Then, if you have a family, then the amount of savings should be higher than the amount of savings while still single.